You can actually help and support for the Opera Nazionale per le Città dei Ragazzi
allocating a portion of your assets through a bequest.

Excluding that part of its assets to the heirs reserved heirs (wife, children
or without parents), the CD “Legitimate”, it is possible to allocate funds (as
sums in cash, shares, investment funds etc..) And movable property (furniture, ornaments, works of art etc.),
is real property (land and buildings).
Another possibility is that resulting from the underwriting of a life insurance policy, indicating how the recipient the National Organization for Boys Town.

Who and how
Should be over and you can basically express their will in two ways:
- With a holograph, where the testator expresses his wishes, handwritten, Date and signature;
- With public will, in this case the testator expresses his intention to
presence of a notary and two witnesses.

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