Sport and free time

The “Opera Nazionale per le Città dei Ragazzi” has always given a fundamental role to sport and team game, a nevralgic point for youngsters.

It is on the fields of soccer, calectto and volley ball, in fact that the process of social inclusion starts which is the base for a pacific inter cultural living together between youngsters, each one of them having a complex identity and personality, not always easy to identify, but anyhow always inserted in a complicated social contest, and never to be considered as isolated individuals.

With soccer “Città dei Ragazzi” has a prestigious tradition with three victories in the Juniores National Championship. AT the moment two soccer teams are participating with success to the Provincial Championship, a “Juniores” and an “Allievi”.
The numerous sport equipment present inside the community allow the boys and girls to choose the discipline which best fits their aptitudes and their interests, varying from volley ball, mini basket, tennis, bowling and table tennis.
An equipped gymnasium is available for the physical fitness of the boys.

The lively participation of the boys and girl to the theater laboratories confirms the importance of having available spaces to perform, and represents for them a way to express their feelings.
The theater show, in fact, represents a multi media event, in which dance, music and words come together with choreography and settings to communicate through a performance.
Where the cultural and language differences may represent an obstacle to communication, the universal language of the body allows the boys and girls to express themselves, involving their emotions.


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