The girls’ town

The story and the fable

The story of Girls’ Town has all the ingredients and the colours of a fable.
The American business man, producer of bear, Philip Liebmann came to Italy on his honeymoon in the first years of the 50’s and visited Boys’ Town of Rome which was rising on the first stone just laid on the 6th of October 1953.

His young wife, the actress Linda Darnell, enthusiastic of the initiative of Monsignor Carroll-Abbing, founder of “Città dei Ragazzi, asked her husband, – -“Philip, as a wedding gift, why don’t you help Monsignor give a home to girls as well, just like the boys? – The beautiful actress of “Sfida infernale” and “Sangue e Arena” was immediately satisfied, and therefore a little villa was bought in the “trionfale” area, and the 15th of January 1957 it opened its doors to the first girls.

The Home which started as “Villaggio delle Ragazze” was afterwards called “Città delle Ragazze”, Girls’ Town, in close analogy with “Città dei Ragazzi”, Boys’Town.

The community.

“Città delle Ragazze” of Rome is a family type community structured in three apartment groups, called, like the Galaxies, Vega, Antares and Halley.

Every apartment hosts eight adolescents in difficulty.

For every girl an individual educational project is made, in close cooperation with the sociopsychological Services of the territory (social service of the municipality, specialist psychological services) a periodic and punctual monitoring is carried on of the project. The equip work is particularly important for integration and synchronization of the professional persons inside and outside the community, allowing a cohesive instructive work with the youngsters, which is characterized by “a strong adult presence” of reference.

The pedagogical method of self-government allows the girls to have an autonomous space in the execution of the responsibilities for the community but also of comparison and exchange of dialogue. The didactic– recreational activities offered by the community are aimed at developing both the technical competences and the expressive and creative capacities.


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