At the moment the younger boys and girls, coming from Italy and various foreign Countries, attend the State Junior High Schools distributed in the urban area of our Communities.
In the last years the idea that has prevailed is that of not utilizing, the valid buildings inside the “Città”, in favour of insertion of the boys and girls in multi ethnical and multicultural classes, so as to facilitate socialization and the learning of the Italian language.
Boys’ Town has on its premises a branch of “I.P.S.I.A. “Carlo Cattaneo” for “Thermic Mechanical Operator”.
According to the new laws it is possible to obtain, for the youngsters who prefer a rapid insertion into the working world, and after their 16th year of age a “Diploma di Competenza” – Diploma of Competence which states the formative path followed by the student during his scholastic attendance.

For those instead who wish to complete the scholastic cycle various projects are being carried in cooperation with regional enterprises so that the youngsters get certificates of professional formation and have direct contacts with the productive structures. In defining the formative project for each youngster, the Educational Equip keeps in mind the particular interests and aptitudes of each individual, favouring the insertion in Institutes of Secondary Instruction outside the Community if the school inside does not completely respond to the expectation of
the youngster.

Starting from the scholastic year 2007/2008 “Città dei Ragazzi” hosts the Toyota T-Tep (Toyota Technical Education Program) laboratory, a cooperation project between Toyota and IPSIA “CARLO CATTANEO” of Rome, with the aim of contributing to the technical formation of the students in the automobile sector.


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