The boy’s town

Boys’ Town is structured like a pleasant town area with streets, piazzas, living quarters and services, surrounded by olive and grape orchards, on 84 hectares of land in the roman countryside, in the south west outskirts of the city.

The Town is divided into two areas Garden City which hosts the smaller boys from 10 to 14 and Industrial City with boys from 15 to 20.

The family homes where the boys live are called “Ville”. Every “Villa” is independent from the other and has spacious rooms and all that is needed in a home. Every family home is entrusted to a team of educators.

Garden City is composed of a two stories building, On the first floor are the kitchen, dining room, TV room, activity room, bathrooms, on the first floor the boys’ and educators’ rooms. Outside the building a garden, the assembly hall where the citizens meet to carry on Self-government, the bank, the chapel, a basket/volley ball field, a soccer field, and a bowling field.

Industrial City is composed of four residential buildings for the boys , an assembly, a bazaar, a bank , a citizens’ restaurant, two tennis fields, three soccer fields, a basket field, a volley ball field, a bowling field.

The two areas are autonomous in the management of the administrative and political life in fact there are two councils and therefore two majors.

Boys’ Town has a Church, a theatre with 240 seats and a swimming pool.

To promote formation, Boys’ Town has planned and structured within its premises different professional laboratories: a computer laboratory, a ceramics laboratory, a laboratory for artistic stained glass, a model making laboratory, a mechanical laboratory (connected to the Professional Institute “Cattaneo”), a pizza and bread making laboratory (a project in cooperation with the Provincial Association of Bread makers).

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