The history

Right after the war millions of refugees in need of everything started to pour into the big cities,
Monsignor Carroll-Abbing started then to organize places where the poor could eat, centres for
sanitary assistance and free distribution of medicines and temporary centres of welcome for
youngsters without a family. Right from the start his desire was to take care of the most needy youngster, in a cellar near the Termini Station he started to equip a place for the street boys, who during the day tried to earn something by shining shoes and helping travellers.

It was then that Monsignor was named by the press “Monsignor of the Sciuscia”. In the narrow space in ViaVarese, Monsignor fell hill with a severe form of pneumonia which kept him in the hospital for more than one month, during this time he had the dream which he later on wrote down in his famous book “Sognai la futura Città dei Ragazzi” (I dreamt the future Boys’ Town). When he returned to the basement together with his boys the tireless priest started to assign each one of them a precise task, for which a reward was given . The money, represented by peach and apricot stones, was then converted into Italian money: it was then that Self-government was born.


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