The metod: Self governance

The metod: Self governance.

What is Self-government.
Self-government is the specific educational instrument of “Città dei Ragazzi”, the characteristic and unifying element of community life. It is a method which allows the youngsters to self organize themselves through apposite engagements and chores making them protagonists of a democratic citizens’ life with solidarity.

Self-government in action.
The educational method of self-government is essentially a formation itinerary to responsibility and to acting with solidarity based on the values of personal dignity, respect of others and trust. Through a constitution, laws, institutional engagements and citizens’ assembly, like in a town, the youngsters carry on a concrete and daily responsibility in the participation to the life of the community, for the welfare of the community and the individual.

The major and the citizens’ council.
The “citizens” elect a a major who puts together a committee of councillors – for the finances, for the didactic-recreational activity, cleaning and hygiene – who help him in the management of the citizens’ life.
The other offices assigned to the boys are: major, superintendent, banker, in charge of the bazaar, head of the restaurant, waiter and recorder.

The financial system utilizes inside money – the Scudo – which the citizens get according to the participation to the activities. The economic system has the aim of educating the youngsters to the value of work and personal commitment. The “scudo” is symbol of acknowledgement of the productivity and social responsibility.

The Assembly of the Boys is the most significant meeting for self-government. The boys meet during the week and, with the major and the councillors, look through the responsibilities given to them, this way favouring a democratic time for dialogue and a more organized way of living together.

The instrument of self-government: synthesis of the pedagogical principles.

Active protagonism and participation.

Exercise in solidarity and democratic Citizenship.

Personal autonomy and responsibility.

Growth in the awareness of themselves and of the others.

Centrality of the person, of his dignity and value.


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